Chocolate Dipped Raspberries

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Each sip reveals the delicate balance between the bright, slightly tart notes of fresh, ripe raspberries and the velvety richness of premium dark chocolate.


All our coffees are organic and medium roasted to order. 
No sugar, no calories and no allergens. 

All regular coffees are available in Organic Swiss Water Processed Decaf as well.  No chemicals are used.  Our coffees are low in acidity but bold in flavor. 

All coffees are available in DIY cold brew kits (includes a Coffee Junkie Mason Mug) and individual DIY cold brew pouches.  Each pouch makes 16oz (a mason mug) of ready to drink cold brew. 

All coffees are available in 2oz sample sizes that make 1- 10-12 pot of coffee.  Perfect for the office or REAL Coffee Junkies.

To maintain your coffees freshness,  always order whole bean.  Grinding your coffee just before brewing is the freshest way to enjoy.  Each bag arrives with a clip or a wire seal.  Close your bags as tight as possible and just keep at room temperature.  No need to refrigerate or especially freeze.  

The best investment as a Coffee Junkie is to purchase yourself a grinder.  Nothing fancy just a burr type grinder will do.  This is just a guide for grinding your favorite Coffee Junkie coffees.
Course: cold brew, metal filters and french press methods of brewing.
Medium: most all brewing methods that use a filter of some sort.
Fine grind: espresso machines or fine filters.

To brew one 12-16 oz cup use 3 tablespoons of coffee. (Or more is you like a stronger cup)
Save the Planet by using your Reusable K Cup filter-(If you don't have a reusable K cup filter simply request one in the notes section at check out and we will send one free with your order.)  Almost fill the reusable k cup filter and brew normally.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Gina Kennis
Chocolate dipped raspberries

My favorite 😍

So good!

This flavor made me so happy! Coffee mate carried a chocolate raspberry creamer many years ago and it was my absolute favorite. I didn’t have high hopes that this would taste similar, but thought I’d give it a shot. It is incredible how much flavor is packed in this coffee. It tastes like a perfect match. So good!

Cindy McKee

I worked at the Coffee Beanery for about 7 years and it gave me a real appreciation for Swiss water processing and decaf coffee. I was super pleased to find this awesome site! I really love the chocolate dipped raspberry decaf coffee! Cannot recommend this high enough!

Thank you for taking time to review, much appreciated!

Ms Peggie B

This has a delicious flavor. Tastes like raspberries and chocolate without a chemical aftertaste that I’ve experienced with some other brands.


It's going to be hard to pick a new flavor to try the next time I order, because this is so good! I gave a sip to my dad who doesn't normally drink flavored coffee but is a chocoholic and he also loved it.

Thank YOU!

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