About us


Hi, I'm Patti and I am the happy mad scientist with coffee and tea.  I'm passionate about finding creative, tasty ways to roast and blend the best coffees and teas you have ever tasted and to make your daily cup or cups more enjoyable.

My coffee roasting journey began in 2006 when I realized I could no longer drink caffeine.  I love coffee and traditionally decaf coffee is terrible.  So I bought my first roaster when I opened Patti's Place Tea Room and Bakery.  Turns out coffee roasting is a very precise science like baking.  I could create Organic, naturally flavored decaf coffee for me as well as introducing Plano to fresh roasted coffee and loose leaf tea. Many people find it humorous that I started a coffee company and only drink decaf ;-)  

In my attempt to find a unique process for my unflavored line, I created Barrel Aged Beans.  Organic Fair Trade beans are aged in seasoned oak barrels that I have created.  No alcohol, no added flavor, just coffee.  The result is a bold coffee with hints of oak and whiskey.  Glorious!

I have always loved tea but it wasn't until I completed the tea certification program that I really learned to appreciate tea.  There are thousands of teas and then blending makes the possibilities endless. My only claim to fame is that I have served tea to the Queen in 1989 while managing 2 Tea Houses at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Canada. Delightful.

Check back often to learn about my latest creations and to place an order.