Traveling with a head cold.

Blog post #4


This may or may not have just happened… and then reminded me of a funny story!


I am at the airport, delayed flight and a terrible head cold. My sinuses are so sore that my glasses hurt to be on my nose. I am strategically figuring out with extreme difficulty the perfect time to take the decongestant… Looking at my phone, flight boards in 45 minutes, which is 30 minutes before take-off and the meds take about 30 minutes to start working. Oh dear God, too much math! I decide to go to the restroom, bathroom in Canuck land, and fill my water bottle (can’t believe I remembered to bring it!), and then I should be ok to take the decongestant. I proceed to walk into the restroom. I finish, walk out of the stall and realize I am in the men’s room… Oh dear God, again! Instead of saying something, I proceed to wash my hands, the frigging paper towel won’t dispense, (thinking, do guys not wash their hands? It should not be this difficult) and realize there are 2 men standing dumbfounded watching me. I walk confidently out. I hear the 2 men behind me say, “she must be drunk?” I turned and said, “do we really need gender based restrooms in 2019? AND… I have a head cold!

This made me remember back in grade 8, Flamborough Centre School and a friend of mine (that I won’t throw under the bus at this time) dared me to run through the boy’s bathroom. I was ALWAYS up to a dare so of course I did. I walked in to find the assistant principal washing his hands…dang! He said, “Patti, office, now!” He called my mom and I will never forget the conversation, “Mrs. Harper, your daughter was caught going into the boys bathroom!” My mom sat there for what seemed an eternity. “ok, I will talk to her.” Principal, “good.” We left. On the way home, “really, the boys bathroom? You live with 4 boys, there ain’t anything in there you haven’t already seen!” Next time, watch who goes in before you or pick a better dare.” I chose to pick a better dare that I will throw myself under the bus at a later time.

I am off to make some of my cold comfort green tea and then snore like a farmer all the way back to Dallas!

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