Pumpkin Spice trend has jumped the shark.

We can all agree that the pumpkin spice trend has jumped the shark with pumpkin spice Spam. There isn’t a real pumpkin that is ready to harvest anywhere in August much less should canned pork EVER contain pumpkin spice, be manufactured for purchase or definitely advertised on TV!

Happy September 1. I have waited for today to enjoy my absolute favorite creation of fall, pumpkin chai latte. A glorious blend of pumpkin, chai spices and vanilla. I found one of my first to go mugs at Mom and Dad’s and life is as close to perfect as damn is to swearing. My Dad and my grandfather said that all the time and it simply makes my heart smile. That is the reason that made its way on the back of every coffee bag I sell.

I spent Labour Day weekend in my hometown, helping put down a new hardwood floor at my Mom and Dad's new house. I hope it is the last visit in the Harper downsizing saga, I hope! I did realize in this process that there is a recognizable phenomenon in our family, too many Harper’s in the kitchen is NOT a good thing!

I struggle with the seasons creeping into retail earlier and earlier every year it seems. I was recently in a Michaels store and Christmas was everywhere. I was waiting for Jingle Bells to start playing. I wonder why there is no fall music? I kind of understand a Michaels having to stock Christmas crafty things since you need time to make the crafts before the season begins but pumpkin spice spam in August? Really?

This weekend marks the beginning of school in Canada and yes the beginning of fall. Mom plants, sunflowers, crisp apples and evening temperatures in the 50’s. I got to wear a sweatshirt, hoodie for all you Texans and it was wonderful! Fall is my favorite time of year. August is still summer, September is fall. If you live in Texas, September is still summer. So to show respect to summer, I have chosen to wait till fall to offer up all my fall coffees. As of today…Pumpkin Chai Latte, Nuts for Fall, Fall Glory and Kahlua Caramel Apple coffees are all available on my website, here and Amazon.

Now for my belly laugh. Another saying, from a dear friend, that has become a wonderful part of my day. There just aren’t many belly laughs putting down a new hard wood floor but there were a couple. In this process my job is to play Tetris. Anyone that knows me very well knows I am very good at Tetris. I can pack a car or even a moving truck with no wiggle room, and I have many times! Wasted space and time drive me crazy. In laying a hardwood floor you want to minimize the waste, match up the color and grain and find boards that fit perfectly. I played Tetris for 900 square feet. “Patti, I need a board about this long, Patti, I need a board…”.

Another belly laugh was when we discovered that the water to the whole house had to be shut off to unhook the fridge and dishwasher. There were no valves installed. I was able to purchase the items in just 1 visit to Weeks Hardware, install the new valves and with no leaks. Thank you Patrick Herron! I don’t have typical skills but sometimes useful skills!

Happy Fall to all my coffee lovers.  Enjoy!




  • Do you have any samples of coffee I could try? I drink caffeinated unflavored usually. But would love to try some flavored coffee 😋 I love that you are Fair trade and organic.

    Jean Chupp
  • Hi, what strength roast are your coffees?
    I like a med-dark, I am eyeing the nutty butterscotch or vanilla caramel 🙂


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