Empower women? How about we empower each other!

I am a feminist, no question. I grew up in a house of men and my best friend is a man but I have absolutely been subject to discrimination and abuse by men but also by women too. The women empowering movement is wonderful but I feel that men need to be empowered too. Young men, especially need to be empowered these days. The list is actually long for people who need encouragement; young people, young families, young adults, old adults, kids, bosses, employees… That’s all of us right? We all need to encourage each other. Personally, I think empowerment is rooted in happiness and happiness is a choice. A very difficult choice sometimes but I think on those days there will always have someone in your world that is happy and their happiness will bubble over and encourage us. Laughter is key and the reason I am genuinely a happy person. Very seldom do I have a day without at least 1 belly laugh. So where is this going? I am going to show my gratitude to my wonderful husband and maybe empower some other husbands too. Women love this kind of thing btw. Or, this might just be your belly laugh for today…

I have had a very stressful few weeks and I arrived home late last Saturday night to candles, a fire, (Bandit shaking because he doesn’t like fires these days) a glass of wine, music and Dave with a sheepish grin. Of course I barfed my couple of days away and then asked how he was? He laughed. He said “well tonight has been very interesting,  I made cookies." My response, “really…have you ever made cookies?”  I have owned 2 bakeries but chocolate chip cookies are not the easiest baked good to make. I make the most amazing pies but cookies, are not my specialty. He said he started the fire at the same time and thought he opened the flue and then waited for the cookies to finish baking. Just as the oven timer went off, the smoke alarms joined in, Bandit barked to go out, and he turned to realize the house was full of smoke because the flue was in fact not open.   He let out Bandit, left the front and back door open, pulled out the cookies and shouted to Siri to turn off the oven alarm. We have all had this situation happen, 10 things at once.

Suddenly my stress disappeared and as I pictured Dave running around the house putting out fires, I couldn’t stop laughing! I still can’t believe he made cookies to start with! I quickly realized that we all need each other to empower each other to do something out of the ordinary. Make cookies! Dave’s were absolutely awesome btw!  Encourage and support each other whenever we can.  Thank you Buddy!

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