Blog #2 The day the government kind of opened again...

I have had numerous belly laughs this week but I feel my dream from last night trumps (yes pun intended) all others. Every morning I wake up at 5. Sometimes Bandit needs out but normally I can roll over, take a sip of water, know what time it is by how cold my water is and go back to sleep. This morning I woke up and I still had ice in my water, not a good sign. 2:48am. I started thinking about how crazy this government shut down is. How can 1 person have so much power? Anyway, I am the least political person you will ever meet so why am I thinking about this!! Losing sleep over politics…NEVER!

I found myself considering all the other groups of people better equipped to run the country.

My first thought was the normal list… anyone! Then I decided to let my mind wander and consider other options.

Fire everyone and start from scratch. Hire Oprah, Howard Schultz and Michelle Obama to collaborate and overhaul the entire system. That sounds so crazy to start from scratch but the system is clearly flawed. hmmm

The drama class I managed when our kids were 5,7 and 9. The Wizard of Oz. 2 casts, 100 kids, the support of all their families and friends, the school, the school district, the community and a voice that we all need to listen to some times, a wizard, a wicked witch, fairy god mother, a flying monkey, and yes a dancing tree. 

I must have fallen asleep because my dream was for dogs to run the country. Of course a lab, a golden and a spaniel would be at the top. All the breeds would have their place and be represented. I decided Bandit would make a better Queen… I am so Canadian… I woke up to Bandit needing out and yes, 5am. BAHAHA…

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