#55 A day of 5's

Everyone has a weird thing they do that no one else knows. What’s yours? My weird thing is counting. I count all day long and count everything. When I realized to myself that I do this I understand why I am so tired sometimes at the end of the day. It sometimes was not because of the work but because I had a long day of counting… One of my favorite calculations was when Dave surprised me with a day of 3’s because we had been together for more than 1/3rd of his life. That was not an easy calculation but he did it down to the hours and I rode 33 miles that day when I finally figured it out. Of course I can’t remember the date…

It’s only fitting on my 55th birthday to write about counting. On my 50th I did 5 things I had never done before so on my 55th, definitely a day of fives, what shall I do?

-woke up at 5am I have to admit, I always wake up at 5am

-5.5 minutes, 5 different times on social media (or close enough)

-donated 55 cups of coffee to a very cold group of people in Dallas

-ate lunch at 11:55 and enjoyed a very expensive $55 dram of scotch at 5:55pm

-skated for 55 minutes (only 15 in my new figure skates, still very stiff!)

-Tried to work for only 55 minutes but didn’t succeed

-Tried to drive 55MPH but couldn’t

-Favorite message goes to Connor (I couldn’t find 5Alive but accomplished the rest!)

I am incredibly humbled by all the birthday wishes, many more than 55. A huge thank you to everyone!

Oh and then 55 minutes writing.

Birthdays are just numbers, numbers to have fun with.



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