Tea Junkie Iced Tea

Tea Junkie Iced Tea

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4oz Loose Leaf Bag of Patti's famous Splash of Sumer Iced Tea.  A Green tea blend with herbal and fruit tisanes. 


After I sold the Tea House and arrived home with 250+ varieties of tea I started making iced tea at home.  I love iced tea but Dave informs me that he ONLY likes Crystal Lite... "WHAT, that's fake tea!  His reply was well, your iced tea tastes like wet cardboard".  So I took it upon myself to spend the next year blending, testing, re-blending, re-testing, each time with the response..."well, it's a little better...I think" until last summer.  Dave, "OMG this is really good".  My tea blend is a green tea base with many herbal and fruit tisanes mixed in.  It has no sugar, but tastes sweet, no artificial colors and it's gloriously pink, no artificial flavors because it's just tea!
Healthy Hydration.  Find your Flavor...Become a Tea Junkie.

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