Peppermint Patti- New Flavor DIY Cold Brew Kit

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Peppermint Patti is a Coffee Junkie twist on the candy aisle classic.

We start with a chocolate chip cookie, rolled in creamy peppermint then dipped in luscious dark chocolate.

Happy St. Patti's Day

The Coffee Junkie DIY Cold Brew Kit includes:

-1 Coffee Junkie Mason Mug

-8 Ounces of your selected coffee

-8 Filters


Simply put 1oz (3-5 tablespoons) of coffee in 1 filter.  Fill the mason mug with water.  Put the coffee pouch in the mug and hook the filter over the lip of the jar or tie with a twist tie and put on the lid.  Refrigerate over-night and enjoy ready to drink cold brew in the morning.