Coffee Junkie Sampler Pack - Unflavored

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Coffee Junkie Sampler Packs
Can't decided what kind of coffee to try or need a gourmet coffee gift?  This is the perfect solution.  Choose from 4 different sampler packs. All coffees are Fair Trade Organic and ground for all brewing methods.  Coffees are packaged in a reusable mason jar and then in a red reusable market bag.  No plastic packaging! Each jar contains 6oz of ground coffee.  All flavored coffees are naturally flavored with NO sugar, No allergens and NO calories. All sampler packs are available in regular and swiss water decaf. 
Healthy hydration!  
Select 2 Jars - Epic Espresso and Barrel Aged Beans
Select 3 Jars - Epic Espresso, Barrel Aged Beans, and Smoked Beans
Select 4 Jars - Epic Espresso, Barrel Aged Beans, Smoked Beans, and Colombian Dark Roast